2014 Wisdom Day

2014 Wisdom Day

2014 Wisdom Day

Younger Elementary Students host family members for tea and lessons!

Winter Tea 2014

Flag work explained

Winter Tea 2014

Learning through teaching

Winter Tea 2014

Collaboration the Montessori Way

Winter Tea 2014

Working with shapes

Winter Tea 2014

2013 National Geographic Geography Bee

2013 National Geographic Geography Bee Contestants

Montessori Geometry

Science in the classroom

AMP Creative Expression Mask Making Class

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Montessori Children's House Proposal Update

posted: Thursday, July 17, 2014

We know people are curious about the Children's House proposal offered to the school board in May 2014 by Montessori Borealis staff.  Due to the complex nature of allocating space and resources for an additional classroom, licensing for a pre-school facility, and all of the start-up procedures necessary to make this happen, we know that a Children's House will not begin this fall.

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